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Article: 2020 Escape (Neverland between the lines)

2020 Escape (Neverland between the lines) - LaLa Daily Post

2020 Escape (Neverland between the lines)

Hello everyone!

I assume by now we all are used to the chaotic circumstances, and you are taking care of your health and making sure to take care of others as well. Aside from it, 2020 Escape seems inescapable, almost like stuck in a new season of "Stranger Things" where the creature is an invisible enemy.

You have probably watched all of the shows on Netflix, read plenty of books, or audiobooks, etc. And you are probably tired of Zoom meetings and your thumb needs a break from scrolling on Twitter or Instagram, lol. Maybe you are also tired of an endless amount of conspiracy videos on YouTube (though there are some amazing videos over there), and lastly, you might be sick and tired of reality and trying not to watch the news. I bet you are still able to read between the lines. Reading is healthier than watching, and employes more brain cells which results in an increased ability to think with your own head, lol!

If that's the case, then join the Neverland Islands, lol...A place free of politics, visa, viruses of any kind, free of drama, information overload, but the island only accepts the select amount of people. You can pick your seat for a flight: by the window with a view for a planet Mars, backseat if you want to watch Earthy news (in that case use earplugs and you might not experience the full beauties of Neverland but it's up to you).

Social distancing does not apply during the flight. Instead of regular seats, you can choose your own Trampoline and jump if you want (in a case you fear that Earth have lately turned you into a vegetable, it's good to wake up and jump). Everyone is treated equally and the only president is Peter Pan, that is actually retired since everything is safe and people are civil with an IQ above the average and plenty of imagination to create things better than on Earthy Earth, lol.

Do you wonder who is the pilot for this flight? It is 100% more secure than any pilot of the planet Earth, works on solar and moon power:

Peter Plan is there just so people don't fear of the unknown.

    If you wish to submit your flight, feel free to share this or DM for details and this is NOT an #AD, lol!

     Stay healthy my friends, 

     Peter Pan 



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