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Article: 3 Weeks Teeth Whitening Program That Works | Q&A

3 Weeks Teeth Whitening Program That Works  | Q&A - LaLa Daily Post

3 Weeks Teeth Whitening Program That Works | Q&A

Dear ladies and gentlemen, 

In this over-saturated "sea" of tons of good, bad and excellent dental products for teeth whitening ( self use) , the only way to be sure is by "word of mouth" or should I say, word of text/post.

Obviously, there is no miracle product with permanent results and whatever you use, you also need to contribute with some effort ( unless you are okay with weekly gain of results only). 

Here is what I've been doing for my teeth health, and just so you know, I am always experimenting and trying our new stuff, so these tips in here are 100% double checked on my end:

#1 Coconut Oil teeth pulling + Tongue Cleaner: I have tried many and often ordering via Amazon, and unless it has a mint flavor to it, personally it makes me wanna vomit and very hard to sustain longer than 2 min., never mind 5 min or longer:

Many tongue cleaners you find on Amazon or else where have a very poor quality and after 7 days you can just trash it so be careful what you are choosing! This one works the best though:

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#1 Coconut Oil Hidden Gem Discovery : on Amazon, check it out Here  

#2 Tongue Cleaner Hidden Gem Discovery: on Amazon or directly in Here.

#3  Surprise Bonus Package  Charcoal Organic Bamboo tooth brushes + More:- In this "all in one package" you get your pulling oil but it actually comes as a surprise with the tongue cleaner and  really amazing charcoal bamboo tooth brushes along with the charcoal tooth paste so this is so far my favorite option I highly recommend, and you'll thank me for this. And yes, btw, their price is ridiculously low for what you get in here.

**This Surprise Package  Hidden Gem: Check it out Here

 #2  TIMING Before you go to bed, make sure to dedicated your 10min to do your oil pulling and charcoal cleaning, along with your tongue scraping.

In the morning: you do the same just less time needed. Oil pulling for 5 min. is enough.


#1 Cigarettes and Black coffee ( mocha and all chocolate flavored or coffee colored drinks) or if you can't live without coffee or cigarettes, wash your teeth right after or maybe dare you challenge your "survival" tools at this time and replace coffee with matcha, and cigarettes with some jumping jackets each time you feel like smoking. ( or join my workout via this app in Here).

#2 Drinks: avoid Red wine, black tea, coca cola, Pepsi, beer, 

#3 Sweets: This one is hard for me since I am "in love" with coca cola gummy bears, but it's not good for your teeth....but we can survive these 3 weeks whitening program, believe me, lol! Same goes with ice creams, chocolate, caramel etc. 

      That's it, folks, get it started and let me know via my IG DM .

               It's my pleasure to share these tips in here. 

                 All for health & beauty....










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