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Article: 80%-20% "DIET" that won't ever make you fall off of the track!

80%-20% "DIET" that won't ever make you fall off of the track! - LaLa Daily Post

80%-20% "DIET" that won't ever make you fall off of the track!

Hello Ladies!!

Currently dealing with this flu that has been hunting me for about a month, and since I was not wise to stay in one place and face it, here I am caught up again...

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine about nutrition, and diets in general.

Here is the thing: In my past (before I got into my early 50ies, JK),  I used to have a bad habit of eating while composing-editing, and eating some lame snacks instead of real food, which resulted of the boring few pounds off and on that I can not allow on my 5'10 height, otherwise I'd be like a horse (with muscles since I workout).

My dad said something smart which took a while to get into my head and that is:

It is all about a BALANCE. DO not snack before you eat. 80%healthy, 20% fun food because no sport, workout, or tennis will help if you don't have this discipline in order. Once I decided to get back to normal and eat like a normal person vs little piggy going from diet to diet, which I used to, everything has changed and remained.

I read so many books about blood type food compatibility, food combining and all that is OK but what the pure logic is: A BALANCE, so you eat healthily and your favorite food as well.

Now, appetite can be a b...(beep), so how to win your appetite? In my case, I skip breakfast in terms of food and replace it with water cleanse, teas and black coffee to cheat my appetite and do some quick workout and after that, I start balancing and keeping my calories and nutrition including the 20% of cheat food on a daily basis. If you want to lose weight, then just try having 10% fun food and 90% healthy, and test it out, give it a month and skip the quick fix results that never last.

I hope you find this image below with this info useful that I found online:


Well, since I have the flu now (lack of sleep and lots of workout= low balance) so I'm getting right back on track and glad to share this!

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Logging off right now, Happy Begining of 2020 to all!!

Stay healthy, beautiful and happy, 











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