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Article: Why?When?What if? Bla-Bla... - Stay At Home!

Why?When?What if? Bla-Bla... - Stay At Home! - LaLa Daily Post

Why?When?What if? Bla-Bla... - Stay At Home!

Hi everyone, 

I was procrastinating to write anything, and then decided to drop some lines, why? Because it's my website so guess I can do that stuff lol.

I hope everyone is at home and not panicking and overthinking but It is okay if you do for a day or two, but after that, it gotta stop! And I am saying it as if I didn't panic for some time lol. We all do a bit in our own way, and that's fine. Being aware is 50% of the resolution. If you notice, the panic mode taking the best of you and becoming another type of the virus besides the dangerous one that's been going on, then it's time to stop and get things in check, and thoughts in order. By this time, in 2020, we should have been able to be in control of our thoughts and mind spiral otherwise, we would go insane. That being said, take this as a personal growth challenge and human act to stop this deathly disease spread even worst.

At first, It's ok to question if it's really as for real we have never been through something like this in front of our eyes, but now it's been quite a while and let's realize it is and do what's necessary to do. The sooner we get this, the sooner it's going to pass. We are the KEY, we are the vaccine for this, we should stay home!

Why, who, where, reasons, etc, leave that behind and face the NOW. It's what it is and this is what we have to do! When it gets resolved, then you can question all you want. Now is the time to do be a team and help this disaster stop by staying at home.

Do you think the time is stopped? it is and the time depends on us.

On what's going on, we know enough that it's not good and if we want to make it even worst, then let's explore the "market" and go crazy, right?  That would be super easy!  It equals jumping from the bridge. 

Another option is to be thankful to be healthy or recover, thankful that you're loved once are home or make sure they are, focus on good, swimming with the waves as they are, and maybe you will be surprised that things get in order way sooner than we thought. Nobody is happy for what this all is, orders are made for the best interest of everyone, so relax and be thankful to have orders to stay home, because some did not, and it led to a lifetime disaster. 

If we remain productive, once this stops, we will celebrate instead of being in a panic to catch up with life, so use this time wisely. Or waste it. It all comes with its consequences. 

I panicked a few days, with overthinking until I realized that exactly the panic leads to isolation, not being at home! Actually not at all. Of course, uncertainty about businesses is on and all that, but we all swim in the same ocean, so as it went down, it will pick up, so why waste the energy on predicting the length of time, etc.! Aren't lives more important?!

On the brighter side, for us ladies, besides being productive, we gotta figure out our self-care haha! Spread the tips about that, self-discipline, and work on ourselves so we don't end up as some creatures from movies with panic attacks after all of this ends lol.

Leave the theories and worries of the causes in a "TBD" folder and move on! It's a challenge, so my friends and I are starting it as of today! With our productivity, and self-care tips:

1. In-Home: you can totally wash your hair and nobody died from not having a hairdresser in one month. Can you imagine? - Control your thoughts - Not canceled.

2. It will be enough of supplies so don't panic. It depends on US! 

3. For vitamins, we have tons of online options and deals that fit the current situation. Also give-aways.  -Online deals-Not canceled!

4. Skincare: my quarantine is loaded with  "Miracles and More" skincare and cosmetics, and it's available online with a bunch of offers and deals. Far better skincare line than once you could shop offline, which you will see. - Not canceled!  IG @miracles.more  

5. Hair-care: Nutrafol works for my hair and has been using it for so long. Online available, Not canceled!

6. Workout?: Tons of options via social media to choose from and work in the comfort of your home. To me it is nothing new as that was my way of workout anyway, so you can try it and might be surprised. I might post some on my IG page.

7. Multi-Vitamins, Collagen products: Highly recommending: Vital Proteins, and they have great deals online, so -Not canceled! 

8. Work plan? Try to look outside of the box. The world won't end, maximize whatever you do and keep it on. Talk to your peers, exchange ideas!

9. Nort going ours after 8? Okay, it won't be that way forever, so use this time to challenge because if you workout, stay busy, you will get tired by 8 to go out, ha!

10. Thinking outside of the box - Not canceled

11. Challenging yourself - Not canceled

12. Challenging your habits and discipline- Not canceled

13. Becoming a better person -Not canceled.

14. Love !- Not canceled

15. Laughter - Not canceled

16. Traffic in L.A. -canceled! Be thankful!

17. Meditation - Not canceled

18. Nature, Sunshine- Not Cancelled

19. Empathy - Not canceled!

20. Add your self, because there is more!

 Cheers to the beginning of our #StayHome challenge for the good cause. 

P.S. Hope by week 3,  I don't start counting pixels in a picture haha, jk, but if I do, I will look back at these steps and we continue again, and somewhere in that process, the challenge will be complete and we will come out of it as better people and better to one another!

Anyway, self-care beauty tips at home: 



* The bonus thing about this (Miracles and More) online makeup and skincare store is that you can DM or email Sara about your skin goals and you will get advice on what products works for you the best. I usually steal Sara's advice and then blog about it haha! Well, she is okay with that, just ask her, and everyone will appreciate the shared tip, be sure!

 ***For Makeup &  Skincare "at Home"  resolution click here or follow them at: @ miracles.more : great skincare products, masks, scrubs, basically "at home facials"

***For Skincare tutorial click here

Let me know how the challenge goes. If you feel depressed, just think that someone else at that same moment is trying to breathe in a hospital...

Be good.

Stay disciplined, that little changes a lot! 























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