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Article: A New Normal and Social Media Algorithm

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A New Normal and Social Media Algorithm

Dear people (white, black, yellow, blue, purple, green, orange or red),

We all know what is currently going on in this crazy world and looks like a lot of "things" that have been placed under the rug for so long, have now come to the surface, echoing loud. It's beautiful to see people stick together peacefully. Some are following the crowd rather than using their own common sense than some "organization" to direct their own thought process, and some are a part of a crowd with a full understanding.

Some are just learning and catching up as a consequence of coming from environments where racism was not present (my case). The bottom line, everyone wants a better "new normal", peace and happiness. 

There is a thin line between genuine support and a "political correct facade" of a sudden humanitarian hero, judging those that are not manifesting their empathy in the exact, same "fashion". 

Before you spam "Blacklivesmatter" hashtag with black square posts, take some time to get informed about the hashtags purposes period and then the purpose of those 2 hashtags (The hashtag "blackout Tuesday" goes with the black square post, while all other information related content goes under "black lives matter" and the whole point of making these hashtags is to have the content related to this matter organized).

A friend of mine experienced that weird "silent judgment" on how you choose to show your solidarity, which reminds of a syndrome " if you don't do this or that in a certain way, you are not accepted as a supporter and so on... 

Before we judge someone of being "silent" and presume it guilty, let's give it a benefit of a doubt. Maybe that very person you are judging for being silent is currently sick or does not understand how the system hashtags work and choosing rather not to post or maybe helping in way of letting people that have been directly affected have a lead? 

Before you start counting the number of someone else's posts about a current situation, think if that person does not want to take over the space that is to be given to people that directly affected give the Lead Voice regarding this cultural revolution movement, which is more logical and has way more accuracy and credibility.      



Just like you should wash your hands regardless of coronavirus, you should also be supportive of people of color and willing to learn for a genuine purpose, not for social acceptance or political correctness.

Just as there are good and bad people in an offline world, an online world is its mirror:

There are tons of great content creators, brands, then there are Google, Facebook, and Instagram associates, etc. An entire Online "machine" have stood up in solidarity and not just that but dozen of donating campaigns are being launched plus a huge wave of information is being shared so that people can inform themselves, including the fact that "some people" simply do not make an advertising show out of their donations and contributions or maybe have tons of other problems and the timing of their support action is not on your schedule to notice.

Before you judge Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or the Film industry, realize that those platforms are not there " to get you" or "harm the society" but rather serve as a mirror on what is going on right now in society. It reflects what people consume, so the cause is within us people, not the other way around. 

Social Media algorithm is a computer, so are we really going to blame a computer A.I system for displaying what type of content is "consumed" the most? 

So my dear "purple" people, let's not let this super fragile and complicated society matter turn into some political tool and make division and create enemies between one another ...(we don't want that)!

(I understand that all of us have been guaranteed for 3 months but let's not go crazy lol, or if you find your self "going crazy"-clean the house, or your computer, burns calories, saves sanity - results guaranteed, lol).

 "Looted nothing. Burnt nothing. Attacked no one. Changed the world"- Martin Luther King.

Stay safe everyone,

















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