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Article: Do you have "Nothing to Wear" ? | 6 Tips on Shopping smart | Summer Fashion 2021

Do you have "Nothing to Wear" ? | 6 Tips on Shopping smart | Summer Fashion 2021 - LaLa Daily Post

Do you have "Nothing to Wear" ? | 6 Tips on Shopping smart | Summer Fashion 2021

Hello my dear "La-La" ladies, 

How many times have you said "I've got nothing to wear" yet your closet is cluttered with the clothes for the "special occasions" that almost never happen, lol....Logic behind this is: No strategy while shopping - resulting in a waste of $ or simply poor choices by following the mass trends..

Instead you should try to make wiser choices, coordinating your purchases with what you already own, and visualizing where you would wear them so next time you don’t even have to think about your outfit. That way one piece of wardrobe becomes a perfect addition to many pieces you already have. Also, not to mention the power of a good pair of sunglasses, and other accessories. 

     Sunglasses: Click Here , for more options, check it out in  Here , and this Dress as well as the beige lace outfit in the picture down, below: linking in it right Here ;)))


Led by my own mistakes, here are some points to consider while shopping and updating your outwear:

#1 Declutter your closet : if you haven't wore "that" item in longer than a year - give it away, donate or burn it, just don't keep it.

#2 Quality vs quantity: poor fabrics is going to cost you more at the end.


#3 Solid colors clothes are easier to style, mix and play around with.

#4 Fashion trends are great to be informed of, but only if it matches your already existing "inventory" otherwise, your precious trendy piece of clothing will end up trapped in your cluttered closet. Be aware...especially those huge kicks that look like an iron for clothes. I will never understand the hype about that and any hype period. Music wise, fashion wise, everything wise.

#5 When going into the store, sometimes even the mirrors are set kind of weird, plus the lightning , the vibe, so make sure to have someone you can trust to for an advice. lastly, if you are not sure, it's a "No"! Personally, I love to browse online, and that way save myself from myself, lol ( I can sometimes go a bit "crazy" with spending, but it motivates me to work hard, so be it)!

#6 Match: Make sure it fits your body shape, height, skin tone & personality!


 I've always been obsessed with a good pair of sunglasses and I made sure that what I present on my web, fits every face shape, so therefore:

One of my Summer 2021 choices (not gonna say "must have", as  this is just my personal choice) when it comes to sunglasses- my fav. accessories :

    cat eye sunglasses fashion 2021, brown leopard

  • Linking these cat eye sunglasses in brown: Here, while the rest you can find on my crazy web where i don't even know my self what it doesn't contain, lol....Like a public diary, lol. Though, my sunglasses are literally almost gone ( the beige once), which is pretty cool, have to admit! You can check them all in  Here. 

Now, back to the tip #6:  Adjusting the fashion choices to  "body shape":

 What I use is this app , that you probably know of if you follow me on my Instagram page ( right now there is a 30 Days Free Trial)  which has its store as well with the bunch of a good quality yoga wear options!! See the pics below on what I'm wearing from that app: 


Linking it  Here. (both blue, light pink and other great colors & fabrics)!


   It's so easy to get lost in this huge advertising space, so remember to stick to    your authentic self.

        That's it for now, what else to say besides...

             Keep in mind that the Earth is round, lol


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  •  Sunglasses: Here  | Dress: Here  |  Beige lace pants & coat: Here | Everything in one place: Here
  • Activewear clothes: Here

  ..and if you wanna read more , this time about my fitness routines, check it out in This link or simply join the free membership to my LaLa web (you'l see the link at the end of the page) as it will be tons of cool things coming up!




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