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Article: How does meditation help with losing weight?

How does meditation help with losing weight? - LaLa Daily Post

How does meditation help with losing weight?

Hello busy people!

It's been a Holiday Season and it starts to cost a lot like Christmas and mad traffic outside, lol! Sometimes I think I could write a whole book while stuck in traffic since it really can take hours to get from point A to point B, so here I am writing here instead lol! A friend of mine just texted me about a Tapping Meditation technique so we had a long discussion about meditation, yoga, wellness, and a busy lifestyle and even a weight loss...Your mind controls your body, so you have to change the way you think which changes the way you feel and then it changes the way you act! It all starts from within!

(Considering the fact that some people eat more when they are stressed out, and some less (my case), the fact that meditation helps balance your inner world, as a result, it improves your diet so your body won't mix up your stress with hunger anymore, lol!)

Back to a Tapping Technique. My friend and I started our 1-month challenge of 10min. meditation upon waking up to see the result. This is a whole different type of meditation technique because while maintaining your focus, you use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times ono 9 specific meridian points of the body!  On this app, you can track your results in real-time, pick the category of mediation you need (in my case for good sleep) and today is a day 1 as I started with this app.

This Tapping Solution App was created by siblings: Nick, Alex, and Jessica Ortner. You might have read some of their books since they have 6 books published. It's the first Tapping Meditation App. on our digital market and my first meditation challenge!

To check it out and download it for free: click here. 

In the meantime, don't stress, worry less and take it easy!

                             Happy Holidays to Everyone, 






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