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DAW- SAMPLE LIBRARIES  chat - (Post Covid Music Recovery lol) - LaLa Daily Post


 Hello to my fellow Music Makers and Plug-ins/Sample LIbraries addicts lol,

When it comes to mastering my tracks, I keep it simple (Compressor, EQ and maybe here and there some gain if needed), and I have not been using Ozone in a long time until tonight...when I run into some good deals online.


**Anyways, here are the links I found for what I am using, and hope someone finds it useful. (not an ad):

"First aid" mic to record on to go - discovered during our "military" quarantine times that's behind us, I got this  Blue Mic, Bluebird, from Guitar Center and loving it. Not sure if it is the best one but for me it works when I need a quick decent demo to send over. ( got mine in Guitar Center). Also this isolation gadget is great. You can get it from Guitar center though I got this one from Amazon. 

IZOTOPE - my favorite mastering tool for "on to go"

Omnisphere ( a giant "pig" that will eat up your space but we all love it, however, I am not a fan of its orchestral sounds, but for pads, ambience, synths, I like it)

Plug ins/ Mixing: My favorite: Vallhalla Reverbs.

Native Instruments: Click here.

Piano: tried everything, always back to German Ivory piano aside of a live recording on Yamaha.

New Big Sur update- ha...I will skip commenting on this. That tells enough. Hope Apple will have some mercy on production music in near future. Also, along with its regular "bugs" and glitches, should I mention that I have the sign" Your screen is being observed" and my Chrome browser being " a part of organization"... If you noticed these things, after you check your privacy, be sure it is a glitch and it will disappear just as it appears. Not a bad idea to scan the virus protection, however it is def. a glitch, signature, limited edition of the glorified Big Sur update I can not stand. Though if it is observed, make sure to include a msg to organize your folders too, so at least we get some help, lol!

DAW: I use Logic X though Cubase is the best, technically speaking. As a creature of habit, I am still in Logic, but it really doesn't matter as long as you get stuff done. Btw, I was shocked to see how much Garage band that most of used as beginners have progressed lately. Crazy...

Computer: I am waiting for new iMac like majority of us tech "victims" as my dad calls me. Respect to Windows but Apple forever ( minus the prices, lol)

Orchestration: Sibelius. ( Turns out I am too "blonde" for Finale)

Basically these are the programs I am using. 

That's it for now, those are some basics, I did not include general stuff that we all know are the "mother" ( Vienna Symphonic Library etc.) and pretty much I don't know a living composer that does not use it.

Bottom line: Live musicians are The Best, but technology is also an instrument, and as a supplement works great. Sky is the limit!

 Install and Enjoy!!!






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