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Article: My Evening Skincare Routine - 6 steps to GLOW!

My Evening Skincare Routine - 6 steps to GLOW! - LaLa Daily Post

My Evening Skincare Routine - 6 steps to GLOW!

Hello ladies, 

Yes, I have a hobby and it's called skincare (one of my favorite hobbies).

While makeup is a choice, skincare is essential, so even though I am not a beauty expert, and I struggle with finding a good routine that works for me, I am happy to share some of the tips that proved to work for me. I have sensitive skin, and I used to have a problem of my lips getting dry, so as soon as I started religiously scrubbing my lips (and stopped chopping them on a daily basis for no reason), it finally worked! It really is not anything you never saw or heard before, basically, all of us do pretty much the same thing, but I love to watch skincare tutorials, so after I found my routine and products, I decided to film it ( and create an absolute mess while filming). I use products by Miracles & More skincare.

During the day time, I use sun protection, but once a month, I do this deep cleaning and I try to drink plenty of water (btw, my mom "complains" how I drink too much water, like a Camile. Basically, what I learned is that removing all of your make up (even though if you had barely) means everything! 

You have to test it all out (I took this advice literally and hoarded a bunch of products) in order to find out what works for you. Sometimes what worked last year, doesn't work anymore, so you have to switch it up so your skin does not get used to the same products. This is just my experience so if I am wrong then this is wrong, lol.


Here is what I do, once a month, check it out:


My Evening Skincare Beauty Routine - 6 Steps to GLOW!

In this video, you will see what products I use for deep cleaning skincare. I have sensitive skin, so I feel very lucky to have found skincare that works for...


Check out my favorite skincare products:


Stay healthy, beautiful & happy, 


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