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Article: *Collagen Latte For Restful Sleep**

*Collagen Latte For Restful Sleep** - LaLa Daily Media Millennial

*Collagen Latte For Restful Sleep**

Hello People!

How is your sleep in general?

I have been using sleeping aid before, which resulted in waking up feeling dizzy, so I stopped. In general, I try to avoid coffee after 4 PM but sometimes, you just have to, and then you get caught up in sleeping issues...

I started using collagen powders a few months ago and realized it works very well for your skin and combined with the good quality serums, overtime if you keep beeing consistent, the results can't escape!

Since my top favorite brand for collagen is Vital Proteins, I was very happy to get their new Collagen Latte that contains coconut powder, a bunch of vitamins, minerals, and Melatonin which helps improve your sleep at night. 

That being said, I am sharing my quick and easy recipe:

 Sweet Dreams and let me know how you like it;-)




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