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Article: Skincare Q&A with a licensed esthetician! @skincareby.ashley

Skincare Q&A with a professional esthetician

Skincare Q&A with a licensed esthetician! @skincareby.ashley




    LaLaDaily: What was the first time you did your facials professionally?

    @skincareby.ashley: My first job as an esthetician was working at Burke Williams Spa! I loved the spa environment and I’m so grateful for that experience and the intensive training that came with it. 

    L.D: How did you start your career as a skin-care specialist?

    @skincareby.ashley: Well, my mom is an esthetician so I grew up always feeling comfortable with the idea of the kind of following in her footsteps, but I wanted to go to college and see what else was out there. I’m glad I did, but after exploring different career fields I was 100% certain that being an Esthetician was perfect for me and I’m glad I did because nothing has ever felt so right!

    L.D: In your opinion, does wearing makeup play a role for our skin? 

    @skincareby.ashley: I personally don’t love to wear a lot of makeup. I think just a little bit of makeup to enhance your own natural beauty is perfect! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing makeup though. I do make it a goal to focus on my client’s skin health and their skin goals so that they won’t feel the need to wear foundation or anything if they don’t want to. 

    L.D: What is your secret for perfect skin?

     @skincareby.ashley: Getting facials regularly (anywhere from every 3-6 weeks is ideal) but also at home maintenance like cleansing daily, exfoliating 2-3 times a week, using a good moisturizer is key. Serums + masks are super beneficial, as well and will be more results-driven to help with whatever your skin concerns are! Also, good skin comes from within so what you eat + drink has SO much to do with the condition of your skin health. Environmental factors and lifestyle all have a huge impact on your skin, as well.

    L.D: s there any current skincare” trend “that you think it’s nothing but a trend?

    @skincareby.ashley: Well, I’m hoping that at home handheld micro-needling devices are a current trend that won’t last because I think they can be easily misused if not done by a professional and could really harm your skin, so hopefully, those will not be a trend for much longer.

     L.D: If you were to go to a Survival Reality show and could take only 1 skincare product with you, what would it be?


    -SPF 100% unless the vacation happens to be all indoors (not sure if that’s a thing) but then that would probably be a tie between a vitamin c serum or a good night cream! Can’t decide!! 

    L.D: Is there any holiday info you would like to share with our readers?


    -During the winter everyone’s skin tends to be super dry so drink lots of water + consume foods that are infused with water and I think investing in a good moisturizer is key, as well! Also, booking a facial this winter will help you have a healthy, natural glow for any holiday event :) 

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