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Article: Social Media as a business tool | ( Musicians & Creators)- Resources Directory

Social Media as a business tool | ( Musicians & Creators)- Resources Directory

Social Media as a business tool | ( Musicians & Creators)- Resources Directory

Hello fellow musicians / creators & whoever is reading it!

Decided to drop a few lines after my phone texts blew up yesterday during the popular #FacebookOutage that lasted for a few hours as if I was their internal team lol, I'm not of course, lol!

We all know that we use social media to connect with our families, friends, share our hobbies, as well as for the business. Just like anything in life, it has its pros and cons, but those pros and cons depend on how we use it , not on the platform itself. 

If you focus your energy only on negatives, that will be everything you notice, in my opinion.

(If it was not about Facebook, it would be video games, or something else, and there will always be ( just as it has been) a public hype about any "evil" going on as the "cause" of this and that and then people discussing back and forth who is right or wrong while the solution is quiet simple: If you do not like something, you simply go out, turn off and that's it)

Bottom line: To all of fellow creators that might have not know about certain features on many social media apps including the Facebook (Meta) that can be used for expanding their craft, here are some ( aside of Spotify, Pandora, Tunecore etc):

Facebook and Whatsapp YouTube Clubhouse Linked Ininstagram 

- For Musicians performs: Facebook Online paid events / concerts etc. : you can perform, invite people to participate etc. Here 

- Facebook/Meta sound collection: Here

- Since there is so much content online, music is needed, so feel free to su submit  your music across the platforms online and let it "nest" in there, lol.

- Also if you are more into listening than reading or watching, there is the Clubhouse app and you find tons of educational groups with some great people you can learn from.

- you can sell or trade your instruments and advertise your services, tutorials etc on Facebook market as well as via Linked In.

- you can have your music additionally registered within the Facebook / Instagram, YouTube, or Tiktok  libraries and get streaming royalties that piles up over the time and include it within your content ( why not as an additional accessory to your craft). Same goes with YouTube and one of the free websites to protect your online streamings of your music and have some income from it as an addition, you can also use Audiam - takes 10 sec to register your sound!  

bmi SCL composers berklee online

 natasha kojic 

BMI music royaltiesOf course, you should have your music protected via BMI or Ascap.   BMI info:sign ups directly:  Here

- If in LA, SCL for film composers is one of the best places you can become a member of! SCL composers, LOS ANGELES,  info to sign up: Here  - Dear composers, you know this already, if you live in LA. 

- Tunecore is also the great website to spread your music on multiple online streaming platforms, as well as Distrokid.

- Work / Internships: if not within your college platforms, you can submit your resumes, post gigs for work or submit for getting the work  ( same with Linked in) via Linked In, Facebook work section, Instagram stories  ( Today I found a website designer from Boston by using my IG story announcement and my music website is in works, finally)!

 berklee online Education: Berklee scholarships info: Here ( FYI, I am also a Berklee alumni).

-You can use Social media for promoting your business services : Facebook business  and you don't need to spend a fortune.

Cons: For any weird groups and people, it takes a click to delete or block, lol!- You can un install or instal any app when you please. It does not come as a a part of your phone lol.

* Basically, blaming Facebook itself for this and that is almost like blaming the world for having weirdos in it. It's just how it is. You create your world, you choose our friend, you choose what you use;) 

Personally, I don't have Facebook app in my phone, but I use it 100% on my desktop for business stuff. Meta-verse is yet to come, so I'd say it's still early to write about that, yet glad to be a music part of that innovation.

P.S Those listed apps with links in here are just my suggestions, and over the time if I find something interesting that is beneficial for those that use media platforms as a work tool, I will be adding it in here, so feel free to save this link and check back at times..

        That's it! 

    Stay healthy, balanced & healthy



P.S. Speaking of staying balanced and in shape, feel free to join my workout via my latest YouTube workout video: Here


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