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Article: Yummy Vegan Smoothie Recipe!

Yummy Vegan Smoothie Recipe!

Yummy Vegan Smoothie Recipe!

Just decided to share my vegan, yummy recipe. 

By the way, I am not the best when it comes to recipes, but I like healthy, vegan snacks, that take no longer than 10-15 min. to prepare.

This one, I make quite often, so I decided to share.

Holidays are coming up, so just trying not to become a staffed turkey and start the New Years with extra 10lbs, so this is a way to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

Of course, I can't resist mom's homemade pancakes, but there is an alternative for everything: 

*****Easy, Tasty, Vegan Smoothie recipe


For this one, all you need is:

1. Frozen fruits. ( I used Matcha by Revive Superfoods)

2. Coconut Milk ( This one is the best)

3. Chia seeds 

4. Blend it ( In my favorite NutriBullet)

5. Add some Coconut Whipped Cream or Rice Whipping





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