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Article: Why the flu keeps coming back? 10 steps, 7 days to heal and boost your immune system!

Why the flu keeps coming back? 10 steps, 7 days to heal and boost your immune system!

Why the flu keeps coming back? 10 steps, 7 days to heal and boost your immune system!

Hello everyone, 

Not sure about you, but I've had a month ago...It was hard to lay in bed and just wait, so I did take antibiotics and in 2 days, I felt good again and kept going like nothing had happened...Begining of 2020, go here, go there, workout, then the weather in L.A. jumped from 60F to 90F overnight and back. Soon after, the flu got back as well. Meanwhile, I was eating healthy, but still...

Well, I am not a doctor, but I think this antibiotic just fooled with my body. It helped me feel better, but the flu was not cured. Now, here we go again, stuck at home in bed...This time around, no antibiotics, just rest and hydrate. It took a few days longer to recover, but recovery was organic and permanent.

We all know about this nasty virus that people are suffering and dying, so it's really sad how they "do not have" a cure for that yet...I kind of do not really believe in that. Not saying that there is some conspiracy going on about it but just...it's kind of strange... I can only imagine the amount of info that the media is not presenting...Usually, that info we get to find out years later. Unfortunately, the best we can do is to be thankful to be healthy or at least not as sick as some people are with the way worst virus than the "regular one" but it is crucial to keep our immune system in check. 

The question is how? Fast pace life, tons of processed food, it's hard to trust what's out there on a market.

Let's get back to basics: 10 steps for the week:

1. Enough of sleep

2. Hydrate: water. I use collagen water by Vital Proteins.

3. Clean food and almonds, nuts, etc.

4. Avoid dairy products (sorry cow lovers). Replace it with almond milk. 

5. Herbal teas! Ginger Tea recipe! (works well for me)

6 Superfoods (chia seeds for an example)

7. Learn how to rest and breath (yoga helps). Exhale and exhale, very simple yet so "difficult" to focus just on that for 5 min a day.

8. Hydrate your skin, since the flu gets your skin dry! -I use products by Miracles & More for my flu skin speedy recovery.

9. If you feel better already, do not jump right back into "action" mode yet, Give it a few days, to confirm your recovery.

10. If the repeats, that means one of these steps you ignored, so go back to step #1, ha!

To me, it was hard to get my sleep hours in order and I believe that is the reason why my flu got back. If the body sends you a signal, don't ignore it. Before you jump to medications, try these simple steps for a week and then if that does not work, then consider medications. 

Pretty ironic how sometimes simple things can work better than all of the "powerful" resolutions. At least it is worth trying with that the first week and testing it out before taking the medications. 

Here is one of the recipes for the flu I found online: Ginger Tea Recipe:


****How-to make Ginger Tea

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