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Live Music Production and Design

As technology blurs the lines between music, theater, and interactive media, program director Loudon Stearns explains how this unique program gives students the skills to thrive in an experience-driven world.

Two performers are sitting, silhouetted in front of an LED wall glowing orange.

Our Philosophy

Next-Level Skills

Students cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and master a wide range of skills and technologies, including content creation, sound design, live music production, digital lighting, video systems, networking, programming, and 3D design.

Live music production and design students are immersed in the production of a wide variety of events to master the technical and human aspects of theater, concert, and event production.

By creating compelling art as a member of a diverse and talented team with access to transformative technology, students discover their perfect place in the live event industry.

A cameraperson uses a Red Camera, jib and screen viewer to film a performer in front of an LED wall.

Who are we?

Human Connections

Students in live music production and design work alongside faculty who are designing the latest Broadway shows, constructing current large-scale product activations, and creating content and lighting design for major musical acts and festivals. 

The Berklee NYC faculty and students are embedded in the fabric of New York City, a cultural capital of the world and a hotbed of artistic innovation. Being here puts you on the cutting edge of worldwide trends.


A performer poses and sings onstage in front of an audience, backed by an LED wall with elaborate visuals, as lights and projections are created.

Experiential and Collaborative Workflow

Awe-Inspiring Experiences

Live artists recognize the need to craft the synchronized, awe-inspiring, multisensory experiences that audiences are clamoring for. As a one-year graduate program with a faculty of working professionals, Berklee NYC's curriculum can constantly adapt and keep ahead of trends in entertainment.

​​Live music production and design students gain a deep understanding of the technical systems supporting immersive live events without being bogged down with “this is how we’ve always done it before” thinking and history classes. This program is laser-focused on what’s relevant, including weekly concerts and livestreams that integrate lighting, video, sound, and cameras in exactly the same way as professional, large-scale events. 

Who We Are Looking for

We seek a varied group of motivated, creative, and focused candidates with solid academic and professional backgrounds who can contribute a diversity of experience, insight, and skills.

Performers who want to make their act awesome: Performers know that connecting with audiences requires perfectly designed lights, sound, music, and screens, and that their act must be recorded and streamed to worldwide audiences. This year provides them with the skills and connections to level up their act and develop their artistic persona.

Artists who want make their art live: Artists see a booming industry of theaters, festivals, and cutting-edge live events in need of animation, art, music, sound, direction, and programming. This year provides them with the skills and connections to move their already-deep skills into a growing and vibrant industry.

Live event technicians who want to reinvent their career: Live event technology and practices are changing rapidly, and no one knows this better than the sound, lighting, video, and broadcast technicians who have been working at events. For working technicians, this program provides a curriculum that will expand their creativity and help them master the latest event technologies. 

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