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Handmade Tweed Dress | Ready to Wear in Grey

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 If you've been following the buzz surrounding the exciting Hollywood news on the latest Barbie 2023 and its "Behind The Scenes" fashion discussions, you're probably aware of the intriguing details, the regular hollyweird ..., and in this very case, including the Mille Milano  Italian-American fashion brand's (since we are one creative duet), a decision not to participate. Alongside the support from so many artists in Hollywood and Europe (including the one that is wearing the wardrobe at the moment), and of course the best production and crew of the number 1 in boxes offices  M3Gan movie, the story has garnered attention. 

(Lord, it took me a while to complete this sentence).

But in case you missed it, here's your chance to catch up.

When it comes to Mille Milano, their breathable tweed fabric is meticulously handwoven, resulting in a final product that exudes artistry and craftsmanship.

Mille Milano, the renowned Italian high fashion brand, specializes in creating timeless clothing from tweed. Their designs are carefully crafted to be lightweight and less heat-retentive, ensuring comfort during warmer seasons. Currently, the fastest growing in both NYC and Milan.

Contrary to expectations, tweed can be worn comfortably in warmer climates by opting for a jacket and slacks without the waistcoat, allowing air to circulate while maintaining a traditional style with a summery feel.

When styling your outfit, it's best to avoid corduroy pants, trainers, and accessories such as men's necklaces and bracelets ( who am I to advice you, but I hope you agree).

Long story short, this out fit is literally being sold out (unless I sneak into the wardrobe trailer and grab some left over if any ❤︎ 



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Handmade Tweed Dress | Ready to Wear in Grey Sale price$460.00

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